martedì 24 marzo 2009


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IL Cielo di Praga ha detto...

come sempre fantastiche e adorabili...le amo troppo le tue creazioni....bravissima

Susy ha detto...

lo sai che le adoro???? si lo sai vero??? *_*

Meli ha detto...

I'm in love with your babies!!!
Do you sell them??

ilgirasogno Laura ha detto...

grazie susy!!!
Hi mely thank you for you compliments Yes We sell them if you want you can write a question to or visit our etsy shop If you see something you like on my links, and is not listed on etsy, send me a message, and if possible I can reserve and put it on sale for you on etsy.

milena ha detto...

sono deliziosissimi, ma sono in fimo o pasta di mais??
ciao a presto

Meli ha detto...

Thanks for your reply, I love the little animals (snails, elephant, etc.) they are not on Etsy. Are they tiny for dollshouse?? and can I buy?
Thanks again and my congratulations for such lovely works.

ilgirasogno Laura ha detto...

meli visit our etsy shop is now the insertion of small snails will soon also
for more information contact us privately

thanks and see you soon

ilgirasogno Laura ha detto...

milena questi sono in pasta di mais!scusaci se non abbiamo risposto subito!